Patricia Rosencwaig

CCBR 1743

Mobile: +(506) 8995-7589

Office: +(506) 2296-6060


Patricia is a partner focused on residential, luxury housing, and furthermore. From a young age she was indirectly involved in Real Estate and is following the footsteps of her mother who has been one of the greatest real estate figures in Costa Rica.


A graduate of the University of Costa Rica in Graphic Arts with an emphasis on graphic design and visual communications from the Art Institute of Dallas, Patricia has profuse communications experience. She has worked in Costa Rica and the United States in advertising agencies and running an art department of a company, which has given her high sensitivity with her clients. A serviceable person with a deep understanding of what her customers are looking for, Patricia is always providing the best service.


Patricia is a multifaceted, creative, artistic woman, with sensitivity and a high sense of commitment for her clients and owners.  



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Patricia Rosencwaig

+(506) 8995-7589

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